Packaging machines tools development and solutions

Tailor-made products

according to each

customer specifications

requirements and needs

Quality guaranteed

by the competence of SBR

in executing high precision

machining operations



As a reference in production of the complete line of tools to automatic packaging machines, SBR Pack Tools put in an appearance in big events made for the market. At Fispal Tecnologia, an international of packaging and process for food and drinks industries, the biggest meeting of trends and solutions for the packaging industry in Latin America, SBR have been showed to the event visitors its quality of the tailor-made tools with grinding finishing and the exclusive solutions the company offers to the improvement of the processes that involves cutting and sealing packs. SBR Pack Tools produces crimpers and seling jaws, jaw shafts, industrial knives (and anvil knives), fin wheels and sealing rollers, and hole punches. Founded in 1994, the company is located in Barueri, in greater Sao Paulo area, Brazil. Its costumers portfolio has big companies from the food industry, cleaning and personal hygiene, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors.

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Phone: 55 11 4163-4748


Specialized in precision machining, SBR PACK TOOLS was pioneer in offering to Brazilian market the complete line of cutting and sealing automatic packaging machines made to order.


Rua Aeroporto, nº 4, Chácara Marco
(Esquina com a Rua Pirituba, altura do nº 420)
Barueri - SP - 06419-260


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