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Founded in 1994, SBR Pack Tools - Usinagem de Precisão was established with the goal of providing the demanding market of packaging industries, which requests an excellent finishing accuracy, with high quality products. Continually investing on technology and qualification of its employees, in orer to improve its productive process, the company counts on a highly qualified team.

Specialized in precision machining, SBR Pack Tools was pioneer in offering to the Brazilian market the complete line of made-to-order cutting and sealing tools and parts for automatic packaging machines.

This experience makes SBR Pack Tools a company capable of developing machining solutions for the most varied segments, such as food, graphics, packaging, hygiene and cleaning, cosmetics and cellulose paper, among others.

Attending to a growing demanding market, its products are produced under very strict quality concepts, being also recognized on the external market.


Provide tools to automatic packaging machines and develop solutions in high precision machining with quality, commitment and dedication to the customers necessities and with competitive prices. In order to do so, SBR uses cutting-edge technologies and highly qualified personnel, and is constantly investing on its industrial park and productive process.


  • Ethics
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Courage

Corporate Policy

SBR has as its principles the constant pursue of quality improvement at its products, services, workplace and relationships with every person with whom it interacts, both inside and outside the company.

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SBR Pack Tools

Specialized in precision machining, SBR PACK TOOLS was pioneer in offering to Brazilian market the complete line of cutting and sealing automatic packaging machines made to order.